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We couldn't push our registration through. We were shadowbanned already since we registered the @cryptomyface nick. And after we tried to send the first post, we were suspended.

And now today, we saw this message here. Yeah, well, what to say? We knew why we built 😉

It's Sunday! Feels like i should have a ! So and chill it is!

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Ladies and Gentlemen. Pretty proud of what we can present as a first beta ❤️ Take a look:

Your OneStop DYOR Checkpoint: never. miss. again.

Stupidly cheap price for $DST tokens! Dapp analytics is a world leader in Dapp Stats! Grab some DST tokens and stake it in their staking pool! Been paying out for over 1 YEAR!

Service for Dapp users and a Service for Devs! There's something for everyone at

Play. Learn. Earn.

Have you thought about expanding your blog / youtube and earning more whilst you grow?

Check out the Dappstats Ambassador program! Earn whilst you play!

Got a project to promote? Sign up to the Ambassador program and Dappstats will help you promote for FREE! Just don't tell them Sloth told you the loop hole!

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You can say whatever you want, but every day we face the big differences between and : Both work with their own statistics 😉

Not really difficult to guess where we self are located ❤️ 😆

making moves and topping 50K! Everyone getting rich....then there is the little buying the top and selling the bottom every day, sometimes several times a day!

Everyone take a minute to thank all the sloths out there making y'all rich!

So many projects on my "to check later list" so I'm making a new list and working through it today! Shill me your best project / chain to check out! First come first serve! Get you some slothly whilst it's hot, might even pull use the D today!

Youtuber? CryptoTwitter Elite? Social Media mogul? OnlyFans Superstar?

DappStats Ambassador program could be for you! Grow your brand and keep Earning for sharing your favourite Dapps!

Good morning Tooters! Anyone want to walk to the shop for me?

Wanted to learn more about trading...decided to start typing an article about learning to trade instead....anyone got any good sources for "how to trade" or recommend anyone to follow on socials/youtube that can help an aspiring trader?

More $DST tokens compounded and added to staking. Love doing this every few days, especially after someone else has dumped!

Long term staking at
DappStats Analytics!

Earn from OUTSIDE sources! No more 0 sum games!

Any Crypto writers/ Bloggers out there? We're looking for more writers to compliment our Crypto news / dapp reviews sections!

Perfect chance to get help expanding your brand at a growing crypto platform?

If you're looking for more writing experience hmu. Let's see what we can do to help each other!

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Sneak Peek into the creation of the template - This will be base to everything. Now that functionality is given, we can move on with the design ❤️

Much Crypto in Your Face So0Oo0N!

Started using CoinTracking to track my portfolio! What Y'all using?

It’s another beautiful day here as we all prepare for an awesome Slothly Sunday!

Grab a coffee, shake off those sleepy eyes and spread some positivity!

Goooooood morninggggg viiiieeetttnam! (And everywhere else)

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