More $DST tokens compounded and added to staking. Love doing this every few days, especially after someone else has dumped!

Long term staking at
DappStats Analytics!

Earn from OUTSIDE sources! No more 0 sum games!

@SlothlyD wow Nice luv DST damm missed the Dump woukd got bit more but yh Come join stake earn Hodl join VIP In TG ask me if u want more info or Slothly or @patric

@Taz @patric Price is still awesome at Justswap! Someone dumped about 500k over the last couple weeks. I'm stacking my bag full! big things coming to Dappstats in the next couple weeks. Combine with Toot.Ninja and the CryptoMyFace experience, and things could explode!

@SlothlyD @patric kool ill check Uniswap tonight hope bag bargain need to add more to pot too. Oh I remember I got get my divs now lol. Wish u guys would told me bag dumpster lol maybe I get lucky get sone Thx Bro. Can't wait fur new upcoming News.
Keep up great work guys..

@Taz Was posted in room, gotta pay attention or you'll miss it. There's a Dappstats Ambassador program too! You still haven't checked that out! Earn whilst being spammy Taz!

@SlothlyD Thank you bro. I defo will check it out, yiu no my support for DST but just like Patric been busy and all over place atm too. I'll catch up Thank you bro Appreciate it.

@Taz No worries man, ambassador program allows you to earn whilst shilling dappstats on the side. Better all round, plus a chance of earning a share of 0.01 BTC monthly!

@SlothlyD yes Agreed n true thought I was Ambassador thx

@SlothlyD @patric can't find swap DST in just swap bro u got swa link lol

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Toot Ninja

Toot Ninja is a Cyclon project and mainly present in the Crypto sphere, attached to DApps Projects.