making moves and topping 50K! Everyone getting rich....then there is the little buying the top and selling the bottom every day, sometimes several times a day!

Everyone take a minute to thank all the sloths out there making y'all rich!

Wanted to learn more about trading...decided to start typing an article about learning to trade instead....anyone got any good sources for "how to trade" or recommend anyone to follow on socials/youtube that can help an aspiring trader?

Any Crypto writers/ Bloggers out there? We're looking for more writers to compliment our Crypto news / dapp reviews sections!

Perfect chance to get help expanding your brand at a growing crypto platform?

If you're looking for more writing experience hmu. Let's see what we can do to help each other!

Last test toot for now I guess, see if my make a difference?

Where do you your ? If only there was something that would

Would you follow an account that showed you the latest deals on ? The best for your ? How about a random that just like making noise?

Come and today!!

My current favourite game

Start your adventure, level up your hero's and collect all the characters! Play this game today and with thousands of other users!

Going to do some test toots, see where they go...wish me luck

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So a Quick search for shows not many people talking about it? Aren't we all for free speech? Decentralization? Where's all my crypto lovers?

Do we have any Crypto users here? Escpaing the monotomy of CryptoTwitter?

Come give us a "toot" @ Toot.Ninja! We've got all the Crypto's

Toot Ninja

Toot Ninja is a Cyclon project and mainly present in the Crypto sphere, attached to DApps Projects.