Apple ist keine Technik sondern ein Zustand!

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Tonight life stream at 8.30pm (gmt+1)

Building our Roadsystem, preparing for Swamp Biom to harvest iron for the first time.

Its on our powered server.

Tonight Equinox life stream at 8.30pm (gmt+1)

Its on our powered server. We are usually around 4 players that co-oping on that server. Let's see who shows up tonight.

We might going to hit that Elder this eve.

Thx to the many that joined last night...

Tonight at 9pm (gmt+1)

life stream on https://

Its Trading evening... Lets see what my new Cutter can... Come in, have a cuppa - Lets enjoy the deep space view together.

Tonight at 9pm (gmt+1)

life stream on

Its mining night... Deep core VoidOpal mining... Come in, have a cuppa - Lets enjoy the deep space view together.

What's you favorite Cryptocalendar?
Don't know yet? Find a variety cryptomyface

And keep up the good vibes with

A couple of days ago *Hawksgaming* posted this video for a T10 AFK build

Thx for that!

I adapted it slightly and added guardian shields and less hull/ module reinforcements.

what radio are you listening to?
Happy with it? good for you...

here is an opportunity:

One of my Favorit spot to look for arts and cards... find more and others

go and explore OpenSea here:

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We couldn't push our registration through. We were shadowbanned already since we registered the @cryptomyface nick. And after we tried to send the first post, we were suspended.

And now today, we saw this message here. Yeah, well, what to say? We knew why we built 😉

in 8 hours it starts (17.00 UTC+1):

BLISS Finance

A Unique One-Click DEFI With A Real Use Case... Good And Stable APY... A Perennial Contract...

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Ladies and Gentlemen. Pretty proud of what we can present as a first beta ❤️ Take a look:

Your OneStop DYOR Checkpoint: never. miss. again.

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PSA - Fake Trezor app on IOS App Store - Asks you to input your 24 word seed to 'sync your Trezor' - Please report the app on your app store!

Tonight Crypto-Movie-Night

BlockChain explained

start 8.15 pm (utc+1)

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FOMO: / CRO Chain

Fully decentralized, open source public chain with high speed and low transaction fees ideal for Payments, DeFi and NFTs: CRO Mainnet Launching on March 25th 2021 as Chain!

never. miss. again.

life is an advanture - it's your call to make it one ;)

here is an oportunity to get adventurous together:

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