Sexy how the public profile looked today 😄 How great that there is a silencing feature without having to censor the personal stream of our users ❤️

We didn't just silence erotic content, political "extremism", but also everything LGBTQ+: We don't need people running around yelling at Queers, but we also don't need people yelling around "how gay" they are.

We're just all people loving Mastodon in this space, and our instance is generally public, but also and mostly crypto related.

Ohoh... I had to mark this post as , because of the sensitive media! You will find everything on the !

If you browse through the Network outside of , you will find a lot of communities and topics! Everything, like,... Nazis, Porn, Extremists, Fury People (or how they are called 😂), Abusers, Trolls, Scammers, and more.

I try to keep this as clean as possible. But finally it's in your hand what lands in your stream: Full control on your data.

Well well well! The instance is up so far. Now whats next? Ah! Configuring the search engine which does not great actually... And then dive into ! Let's see what we can automate to connect all our Projects in here 😉 Oh, and a bot for @cryptoradiofm! Lemme dive into work!

Hmmm... Let's see. First of all I need that content. So let's follow a few tooters. Are they called tooters? No idea, is overwhelming in the beginning.

I like the fact that we can use 500 chars tho! I need to be able to spread short news a practical way, and I think this here is way to go.

Oh, uh, and... Is this not the best tooter Domain ever?? I like the idea to become a !

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